Butterfly Sensory Bottle

Are your kids tired of doing paper crafts? Why not try this sensory bottle? This butterfly sensory bottle will surely bring a lot of fun and entertainment to the kids. And not only this will bring entertainment, but sensory play/activities have also been found to help stimulate the brain and aids in developing and enhancing memory functioning. In some, it may even help calm an anxious or frustrated child. So if you’re looking for an activity that’s new, fun and can help stimulate thinking, you’re in for a treat! Here’s how you can create your own butterfly sensory bottle.

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Butterfly Sensory Bottle


Butterfly Bottle Supplies

How to Create Your Own Butterfly Sensory Bottle

Butterfly Sensory Bottle

Butterfly Sensory Bottle

This sensory bottle is fun and so easy to make – you don’t even need a lot of supplies. Let’s start!



  1. Pour the clear glue into the bottle.
  2. After pouring the glue, add glitter (you can choose whatever color you like, for this one we opted for iridescent glitter) and butterfly gems.
  3. Pour water into the bottle until the bottle is full.
  4. Close the bottle well and shake the contents of the bottle until all contents are mixed together well.

Step by Step Pictures

Sensory Bottle Elmer's Clear Glue

Sensory Bottle Glitters

Butterfly Craft

Sensory Bottle Glitters Sensory Bottle

Glitter Bottle

There you have it! Make sure that to tighten the lid well as this will be shaken frequently. If you’re looking for more sensory-related activities, you can have a look at these 20 Sensory Bin Activities for Kids or 20 Amazing Sensory Gifts for Kids. We’ve also written a post about How to Help a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder Survive Outings that might be helpful. Did you like this activity? Let me know if you want to see more sensory play crafts!

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