20 Sensory Bin Activities for Kids

Sensory bin activities are an absolute must for kids! Not only are they are educational, but they can also help children practice important skills. The chance to practice basic concepts such as fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination are just some of the great benefits of sensory bins. Need some ideas? Well, make sure you keep reading to discover 20 super fun and interesting sensory bin activities for young children that are definitely worth your time and your kids will love!

Transportation Sensory Bins by Fantastic Fun and Learning

sensory bin activities for kids

Get your little one to discover so much more about the world of vehicles and transport! This sensory bin activity is super easy to set up using toys you can find in your home and is a great way to help young kids learn about various types of transportation. The different textures of beans, cotton balls, and water beads that make up the three bins will really add to your child’s experience!

Insect Sensory Bin by Parenting Chaos

insect sensory bin

Put that leftover boiled spaghetti to use with this cool and creepy sensory bin activity! As a plus, it’ll also allow your little one to get up close with insects and bugs in a safe, home setting and help them to get over any fears they might have! You can even add different tools for your child to practice their fine motor skills

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Soap Foam Sensory Bin by In the Kids’ Kitchen

soap foam sensory bin

Who doesn’t like digging their hands into a bowl of jiggly, bubbly foam? This soap foam sensory play is a simple activity that really focuses on the sense of touch and is perfect for kids in the early childhood stage and beyond! Plus, it is a great way to introduce some easy household chores. Learning how to wash dishes has never been this much fun!

Dinosaur Sensory Bin by Fantastic Fun and Learning

dinosaur sensory bin

With loads of different sensory materials for your kid to explore and a flashback into prehistoric times with dinosaurs, this fun sensory play activity is definitely something your kid will enjoy to the fullest! Adding in some natural materials to this sensory bin is a great way to pique your child’s interest!

Pirate Treasure Sensory Bin by Must Have Mom

sensory bin activities for kids

This sensory bin activity is pirate-themed, so of course, it has to be an absolute hit! After all, who can resist a good old treasure hunt, especially when it has kinetic sand? This is a great activity for older children to “hunt” for buried treasure while also engaging in some sensory experiences. Your child will be so excited to see what they can uncover!

ABC Sensory Bin by Stay at Home Educator

ABC sensory bin

It’s time to reinforce your little one’s knowledge about alphabets! This alphabet-themed sensory play bin is one of many creative ways to get your child’s attention when it comes to learning. You can help your child work on sounds, letter recognition, and so much more! This would be such a great one to try! 

Spring Sensory Bin by Little Bins for Little Hands

sensory bin activities for kids

This preschool activity may be spring-themed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it any other month of the year! With so many bright and colorful elements, it is a whole lot of fun for kids! The possibilities with this sensory bin are endless! You are sure to find a fun, color-filled activity to include with this bin that your child will love.

Bird Nest Sensory Bin by Fantastic Fun & Learning

bird sensory nest

Put together this bird nest-themed sensory bin for your kid with objects from the natural world and watch them discover so much about themselves and their life using all of their senses. This is a great sensory bin activity for imaginative play or to teach your child about the birds they see in the world around them.

Flower Garden Sensory Bin by Simple in the Country

flower garden sensory bin

Whip up this sensory bin activity at home to introduce your kid to the world of gardening, flowers, and plants. This fun and practical sensory bin may even lead to a new hobby for your child to enjoy. It just might be the first step in discovering the green thumb in them!

Edible Rainbow Sensory Bin by Sugar, Spice, and Glitter

sensory bin activities for kids

How about a sensory bin activity that’s actually edible? Yep! You read that right! Besides being delicious, this sensory bin is also a fun way to introduce different concepts such as counting and sorting. Give this one a try if you’ve got your little one’s playdates along! 

Ocean Sensory Bin by Parenting Chaos

ocean sensory bin

It’s time to dive right into this sand and water sensory bin activity! Both easy to set up and super fun, you can try this sensory activity on a lazy weekend afternoon! Your child will have a blast experiencing ocean life at a scale that is perfect for them!

Weather Sensory Bin by Fantastic Fun & Learning

weather sensory bin

Help your kid understand all about weather and climate with this super fun weather-themed sensory bin activity that hardly takes any time to set up and uses items you probably already have hidden around your house. What an awesome way to learn about something your child sees every day!

ABC Ice Sensory Bin by Parenting Chaos

abc sensory play

Unlike the others on this list, this sensory bin activity may need a teeny bit more effort to set up… But trust us on this, it is totally worth it! It’ll surely turn out to be a big hit with your kid! Freeze different objects such as letters or small toys and use this activity to practice fine motor skills and teach important problem-solving skills! 

Apple Sensory Bin by Fantastic Fun and Learning

apple sensory bin

Can’t wait to have that fall feeling in your home anymore? Give this apple and cinnamon-themed sensory bin activity a shot! The items in this sensory bin include different foods and materials that will have you ready for fall. This is also a great way to include the sense of smell in a sensory bin activity!

Garden Sensory Bin by Parenting Chaos

sensory bin activities for kids

With this garden-themed sensory bin activity, your little one will discover loads about veggies and fruits. Your child will have so much fun while practicing basic skills such as counting. This is one of the best ways to improve fine motor skills at a young age!

Ice Cream Sensory Bin by Fantastic Fun & Learning

ice cream sensory bin

Turn a delicious treat into an opportunity to play with your child! This sensory ice cream activity is great for many areas of your child’s development. It can even introduce some abstract concepts and involves a lot of open-ended play, imagination, and vocabulary building!

Night Sky Sensory Bin by Preschool Inspirations

night sky sensory bin

This night-themed sensory bin activity will encourage your little one to look up and gaze at the night sky the next time he goes out! Apart from being an excellent learning opportunity, it’s also a fun way for your kid to explore the world around them. Get ready for your child’s imagination to run wild with this great activity!

Ocean Pollution Sensory Bin by Must Have Mom

sensory bin activities for kids

Your kid is never too young to learn about being green, and this sensory bin activity centered around pollution teaches him just that and more! This is one of the sensory activities that can really make a difference in how your child sees the world around them! You will be able to teach your child about cause and effect in a super fun way.

Sink or Float Water Sensory Bin by Stay At Home Educator

sink or soak sensory bin

This float and sink sensory bin activity will have your little one filled with awe and is great for those hot summers when the water can give him (and you) a way to cool off! Your child will love guessing which items will sink and which ones will float. It is an awesome way to show your kids how to make guesses and test them out!

Sensory bin activities are such a great way to include your child’s senses during playtime. By finding different ways to include everyday objects, you can easily create sensorial activities that are not only learning experiences but fun too! Sensory bins like these focus on invaluable skills that your child can master while playing and exploring the world around them. It is never too late to introduce these exciting activities into your child’s playtime! No matter what areas of exploration your child may be interested in, there is a sensory bin activity that would be perfect for them. Hopefully, this list of sensory bin activities gave you some great ideas to try with your little one!

Got some more ideas for sensory bin activities for kids? Leave them in the comments box below! We’d love to hear from you!

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