20 Amazing Sensory Gifts for Kids

1. Fat Brain Toys Spin

2. Squigz – 24 piece set

3. Teeter Popper

4. Wobble Spin Disk Saucer

5. Spiky Sensory Ball Set6. Water Beads with 2 Scoops and Tweezers

7. Seven Piece Stretchy String Fidget Toy

8. Dimpl Toy

9. Whirly Squigz

10. Tactile Discs

11. Indoor/Outdoor Mat Swing

12. Trampoline

13. Dizzy Disk

14. Dynamic Movement Sensory Sox

15. Hedstrom Sensory Shapes

16. Sound Cancelling Headphones

17. Shape Matching Eggs

18. Indoor Therapy Hammock

19. 48 Piece Floor Circles

20. Flexicule Toy

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