20 Transportation Activities for Kids

From sensory bins to paper crafts- puzzles and activities are a fun way to help your little one learn, explore and enjoy all together, and that’s what we’re here to help with!
Not just one or two, we’ve got 20 fun filled and super interesting transportation activities for you and your little one to enjoy!
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Transportation Sensory Bin by Fantastic Fun and Learning

transportation sensory bin

Its time to dive into some sensory bins mommas! This transportation themed sensory bin is a great way to get your little one to start thinking and understanding about different modes of transport!

Transportation Sensory Table by Fun with Mama

sensory table

This sensory table is another excellent simple and easy way to get your little one to learn about modes of transport- truly a great pick among the many transportation activities we’ve listed!

Airplane Sensory Tub by Fun with Mama

airplane sensory tub

Full of foamy clouds and airplanes, this transport themed sensory bin activity is another hit among kids!

Car Ice Melt Activity by Little Bins for Little Hands

melting ice car

This melting ice activity is just perfect for a hot summer afternoon! Apart from learning more about transport, your kid will also get his dose of science with this transportation activity!

Washi Tape School Bus by Fun With Mama

washi tape school bus

Time to get out those random washi tapes and put them to use! This is one of those transportation activities that’s super easy to work with, and needs minimal parental attention!

Vehicle Weight Activity by The Educator’s Spin on It

vehicle weight transportation activities

Got a whole load of cars and other transport toys for your little one? He may already be lining them up or racing around with them, and now, you can get him to weigh them! This is one of those transportation activities that help him learn about numbers and units of measurement!

Construction Slime by Fantastic Fun & Learning

construction slime

This construction slime activity is one of our favorite picks from the construction activities that we’ve listed, and is perfect for the time when your little one has a ton of questions about architecture and building materials.

Transportation Busy Bag by Mother’s Niche

transportation busy bag

With free printables and a super short list of supplies, this busy bag activity is a must try for all you mommas who need to get stuff done and keep their little one engrossed for a bit!

Apple Boats Activity by Little Bins for Little Hands

apple stem transportation activities

This quick and fun hands on science activity is great to try. Your little one will enjoy learning this, and eating it too!

Pool Noodle Boats by The Best Ideas for Kids

pool noodle boat

This pirate themed transport activity is a hit among kids, and guess what- it uses pool noodles to make boats- how cool is that?

Paper Plate Boat by Red Ted Art

paper plate boat

And since we’re already working on boat themed activities, here’s another one that you can get your little one to try, and it uses just paper plates and a few other basic craft essentials!

School Bus Notebook by Messy Little Monster

school bus craft

Is your little one fond of the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ nursery rhyme? Give this school bus themed activity a try and take it up a notch!

School Bus Sun Catcher by The Suburban Mom

school bus sun catcher transportation activities

If your little one loves seeing the big yellow bus pull up, get him to try this super cute craft idea that’s again, school bus inspired!

Dump Truck Counting by Mommy Evolution

dump truck counting transportation activities

This dump truck counting activity is sneakily educational, and helps brush up your kid’s counting and fine motor skills too!

Painting with Trucks and Cars by Laughing Kids Learn

toy wheel painting transportation activities

This painting activity is super easy to set up and uses the wheels of cars and toy trucks as ‘brushes.’ This is one of those transportation activities that your little one will surely love!

Alphabet Trains by Stay at Home Educator

alphabet train

Shape Trains Activity by Stay at Home Educator

shape train transportation activities

Who doesn’t love a simple paper craft activity? This train inspired shape craft activity is great for growing kids, and is a fun way to help your little one explore more about geometry!

Lego Balloon Cars by Little Kids for Little Hands

lego balloon cars

Super easy and loads of fun- that’s what this balloon car activity is all about! After all, you can never have enough of Lego activities right?

Textured Hot Air Balloon Craft by Artsy Momma

hot air sensory activity

And we finally end with yet another sensory activity that’s fun filled and super interesting. Why? Because unlike other transportation activities on our list, it is hot air balloon themed!

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