4th of July Craft: Paper Cone Décor

Independence Day is a fun time for kids and adults-what’s not to love about food and fireworks?! Take your excitement up a notch this year with this cute craft! Get your kids started with this 4th of July craft that will help them explore their creative side like never before! You can create several to decorate your 4th of July table.

List of Supplies:

list of supplies for 4th of july craft step
  1. Colored craft papers – red, blue and white
  2. Scissors
  3. Pencil
  4. Craft glue


Step 1

step 1

Select 2 colors from red, blue and white. Take craft papers of the 2 selected colors and cut them into square shapes (size of your choice). You will need to prepare 8 squares for each color. Now select the third color and create a spiral pattern with it, we’ll be making spiral rolled flower with this one.

Step 2

step 2

Take any one of the square cutouts.

Step 3

4th of july craft step 3

Hold the square and hold any one of the corners. Bring that corner towards the middle of the square and hold it firmly in its position.

Step 4

step 4

Now bring the opposite corner towards the same middle part of the square and overlap the previous corner’s side of the square.

Step 5

4th of july craft step 5

Apply glue on the overlapped part to secure the cone shape.

Step 6

4th of july craft step 6

Similarly prepare the rest of the cones from the square cutouts. Cut out a round shape from any colored craft paper.

Step 7

4th of july craft step 7

Grab any set of paper cones and attach them on the round cutout by sticking the closed end on the round cutout.

Step 8

step 8

Continue to stick the cones on the round base until all 8 cones (from one set) are attached.

Step 9

step 9

Grab the other set of cones and this time; stick them between the previous cones, but slightly below them (more towards the center of the round base).

Step 10

4th of july craft step 10

Finally, cut out another small round shape from the same colored paper used for the spiral pattern. Attach the round cutout on the center of the cone décor. Create rolled flower with the spiral cutout. Attach the spiral flower on the center of the cone décor.

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