Mess Free Flower Bag Painting

Looking for a quick and easy craft for your kiddos? Try our mess-free flower bag painting! This colorful flower bag painting will unleash your kid’s creativity. If you’re also looking for an activity to teach them about colors, this is a fitting activity to do so because you can practically use any colors! And did I mention that this is mess-free? Let’s get this started. What are you waiting for? Let’s create some beautiful and vibrant flowers!

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Flower Bag Painting Pin


Foam Flowers Paint Squish Bag Supplies

How to Make Mess-Free Flower Bag Painting

Mess Free Flower Bag Painting

Foam Flowers Paint Squish Bag

Ready for a quick and easy craft? Here's foam flowers paint squish bag.


  • Gallon size zipper bag
  • Piece of White paper (you may need to cut the paper down to fit inside the bag)
  • Foam flowers and leaves
  • Desired colors of paint (we tried to match colors of the paint with the flowers and leaves)


  1. Pour the desired amount of paint onto the paper. For this project, we created paint dots around the paper with the paint.
  2. Place the foam flowers gently on each paint dot. (Do not press down into the paint - we will get to this later!) 
  3. Carefully place the paper into the gallon sized zipper bag. Be careful not to touch the paint against the bag when placing the paper inside the bag. 
  4. Zip the bag and make sure the bag is completely closed. At this point, it’s ok that the paint touches the bag. 
  5. Have the child use their fingers and hands to press the foam flowers down into the paint, feeling the paint squeeze out from the sides of the foam flower. Complete this for all flowers and leaves. This is a neat texture activity. 

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Finished Product

Mess Free Flower Bag Painting


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