20 Color Activities for Kids

Growing kids tend to be fascinated with different colors, and that’s exactly why when you make their learning activities colorful, it just takes it all up a notch!
Give any of these 20 color activities for kids a try and we promise, you and your kid will love them!
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Rainbow Trees Color Sorting Activity by Stay At Home Educator

rainbow trees activity

Aimed at teaching your kid color recognition, and also improving his fine motor skills, this rainbow tree activity is a great way to keep your little one busy for a while, and even learn while he’s at it!

Colored Rice by Little Bins for Little Hands

how to dye rice

Thinking of whipping up a quick sensory bin activity for your little one? Here’s how to use rice in there, and dye it the right way!

Rainbow Sensory Bottle by Preschool Inspirations

rainbow sensory bottle color activities for kids

This one’s probably one of the best color activities for kids on our list! Apart from being a great sensory activity, it is also very easy to create!

Colored Pasta by Little Bins for Little Hands

colored pasta activity

Pasta is another sensory bin essential, and if you’re still confused about how to color it safely for your kid, give this one a quick read!

Rainbow Chickpeas by Parenting Chaos

rainbow chickpeas

Super easy to work with and dry, and a hit in sensory bin activities, colored chickpeas should be next on your list if you’re planning some activities for your little one. Here’s how to get it done.

Skittles Rainbow Science Experiment by Fun With Mama

color activities for kids

Science experiments are always so much fun, and here’s one you can do at home with just a couple of simple ingredients (minus the explosions).

Rainbow Crystal Experiment by Hello Wonderful

rainbow crystal

With just a teeny bit of time and effort, you can recreate these dazzling crystals, and introduce your kid to the fascinating science behind how it happens- all in bright, beautiful colors! Do give it a try one weekend!

Magic Milk Science Experiment by Laughing Kids Learn

magic milk

And now for another science experiment- this time with milk! This one is again, super simple to work with. Plus, with all the bright colors, it is bound to get your kid all in awe!

Ice Painting by Easy, Peasy & Fun

ice painting

Messy but fun, that’s what this ice painting activity is all about! Do it during the summer and it might just turn out to be one of your favorite color activities for kids!

Fizzy Rainbow Science by Messy Little Monster

rainbow science

You know something exciting’s coming up when you spot baking soda on the supplies list! This super fun science experiment is full of color, and a great way to get your kid introduced to science!

Rainbow Milk Carton Pinata by Boulder Lacavore

color Activities for Kids

This one’s another creative and colorful activity to try with your little one. He may not be able to do this one independently, but when the two of you team up together, you can get it done and have fun along the way too!

Colorful Bubble Art by Hello Wonderful

bubble art

Time to recycle that extra mesh fruit bag and old plastic bottles and use them to create this fun and interesting piece of art with your little one! Here’s how to do it!

Rainbow Paper Plate by Arty Crafty Kids

paper plate rainbow

Incredibly easy and so colorful, this paper plate craft idea is another great craft project to get your kid to try when he’s been bit by the boredom bug!

Pom Pom Painted Rainbow by Fantastic Fun & Learning

pom pom painted rainbow

So you’ve got your little one to paint with fingers, brushes and even Q tips- what about pom poms? Give it a try with this fun and colorful activity!

Rainbow Tambourine by Kids Craft Room

paper plate tambourine

So you’ve put those old paper plates to use and created a rainbow? Take it up a notch and transform it into a tambourine with this super simple idea!

Rainbow Caterpillar Playdough by Fantastic Fun and Learning

play dough caterpillar

This activity is a combination of fine motor and color recognition, and probably one of the best color sorting activity for kids on our list!

Rainbow Penguin Craft by Red Ted Art

Got some extra corks lying around? Transform them into these super cute penguins! Sit down with your little one and have him help you whip up these ornaments and even make them colorful!

Color Cork Painting by Messy Little Monster

cork painting

This one’s a super fun activity for preschoolers and toddlers, and makes use of your extra corks to get them to paint!

Color Mixing Activity by Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station

color mixing

Time to give your little learner the change to mix and experiment with colors! This fun activity may be a bit messy, but will help your kid the chance to discover new colors and how mixing them together causes changes!

Color Train Activity by Stay at Home Educator

color train

You can never go wrong with a free printable right? This activity is perfect for preschoolers, and is super colorful as well. Go give it a try!

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