20 Super Fun STEM Projects for Kids

Doesn’t it feel like the minute your kids figure out it’s a learning activity they are done? My kids are so unwilling to do anything remotely close to learning that getting them to learn can be a struggle. STEM projects are a lifesaver because they encourage your kids to do learning activities without them even realizing it! These are great for those who want to learn concepts such as coding or engineering but don’t have that opportunity in a regular classroom environment. If you are looking for a really fun STEM project for your kids, here are 20 super fun STEM projects for kids.

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  1. The Secret To Creating The Perfect Frozen Bubble
  2. Make a Paper Plate Maze STEM Challenge
  3. Crayon Rock Cycle
  4. Gliding Robot
  5. Math Facts Building Cards
  6. Egg Drop Engineering Challenge
  7. Chalk Numbers with Leaves
  8. Life Cycle Glue Suncatchers
  9. Build A Confetti Cannon 
  10. Building with Grapes
  11. How to Make Helium Bubble Clouds
  12. Outdoor STEM with Balloons
  13. Preschool Magnet Activity and STEM Investigation Printable
  14. How Strong is Spaghetti?
  15. Snowflake Lab
  16. Tinker Tray
  17. Quantity STEM Investigation and Printable
  18. Flying Bat Straw Rockets
  19. Make A LEGO Balloon Car
  20. Marshmallow Shape Towers STEM Challenge
STEM Projects



STEM projects are always exciting to do, it entertains the kids for hours and teaches them about various disciplines while still having fun. If you’re looking for more STEM-related crafts or activities to try, here are some that you might like: Valentine’s Day STEM Project (perfect for Valentine’s season), 20 Space Activities for Kids (you can try some of these activities if you want to teach your kids about the outer space) and for experiments, you can try the Magic Milk Experiment (this includes a video so you’ll know how to proceed with it) or Skittles Experiment (Love Skittles? You can easily do this at home).

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