20 Space Activities for Kids

Got a little one whos’ fascinated by stars and planets? Get him amazed and help him drive his curiosity even further! We’ve got you 20 super exciting space activities for kids to pick from!

Outer Space Playdough by Fantastic Fun and Learning

Playdough can be a fun sensory activity for kids, and with this outer space version, things just got taken up a notch! 

Shape Rocket Craft

Space Themed Number Writing Practice by Preschool Inspirations

Do you have little ones who are ready for some writing practice? Make it even more interesting with this fun space themed activity! 

space activities for kids #2

DIY Galaxy Slime Recipe by Kimspired DIY

Got a young one who’s fascinated by slime? Here’s bringing you a fun and easy DIY recipe for a galaxy themed version- one of the best space activities for kids! 

diy galaxy slime

Galaxy Sensory Bottle by Preschool Inspirations

Perfect for kids who love learning about space and are attracted to all things sparkly- this galaxy sensory bottle is a sure winner!

galaxy sensory bottle

Space Themed Sensory Bin by Rainy Day Mum

Sensory bins are a great way for kids to practice fine motor skills and this space themed version is one of the best we’ve come across! 

space activities for kids sensory bin

Space Cloud Dough by Fun With Mama

This delightful cloud dough solar system moon and space sensory bin is so much of sensory fun! Do give this a try with your little one! 

space craft and DIY

Space Sensory Bag by Views from a Step Stool

Super easy and extremely interesting, especially for younger kids, this space sensory bag activity is worth a try! 

space activities for kids

Solar System Bingo by Artsy Craftsy Mom

Get your little astronauts memorize the names and characteristics of the sun and the eight planets in our solar system with this one! Undoubtedly one of the best space activities for kids! 

solar system bingo

Space Grid Game by Stay at Home Educator

Grid games are simple yet effective when it comes to helping your little ones learn more about things, and here, we’ve got you one that has a scienc-ey twist to it! 

space grid game

Rocket Launcher Activity by Rainy Day Mum

These easy to build rockets are perfect for understanding how the angle a rocket is launched from has an impact its flight, and is great for your fast growing toddlers who want to explore everything about space! 

space activity for kids

Shape Rocket Craft by Stay at Home Educator

This craft idea doesn’t just teach your little one about space and rockets, but also introduces him to different shapes and geometric figures! 

Shape Rocket Craft

Rocket Ship Footprint Art by the Best Ideas for Kids

With Father’s Day fast approaching, this cool art activity can definitely be a exciting one to try. Make this for the dad and he’ll treasure it for years to come! 

Watercolor Planets by Rainy Day Mum

It is time for some watercolor fun mommas! Sit down with your little one and give this fun activity a try- we’re pretty sure you’ll both love it! 

Planets Slime Activity by Schooling a Monkey

Of course, one can never have enough of slime! Here’s another quick slime activity worth trying with your kid! 

Space Skip Counting Puzzles by Laughing Kids Learn

Trying to help your little one get the hang of multiplication? Do it quick and easy with these skip counting puzzles! 

Rocket Balloon Races by Design Dazzle

It’s time to gather your kid’s friends and get them to have a rocket balloon race mommas! We promise it’ll be so much fun! 

Stained Glass Star by Creative Family Fun

Stained glass projects are so much fun to make, and with the finished product ending up so beautiful, your kid will love it too! 

Moon Mobile Craft by Fantastic Fun and Learning

This DIY craft activity is just perfect for kids who are fascinated by the moon and stars. After it’s all done, you can even hang it up in their bedroom! 

Foil Printed Moon Craft by A Dab of Glue Will Do

It is time to experiment with paints mommas! Get your little one to try his hand at foil painting- a fun filled space themed activity! 

Tried any of these? Share with us in the comments below and tell us how your kid liked it! Also, don’t forget to check out some other really exciting bug activities and puzzles for kids! 

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