15 Spring Crafts for Toddlers

Spring is here and while the weather may be warming up, we are experiencing a lot more rainy days. When the weather is less than ideal, or it’s time to head inside while I prepare dinner, I like to keep my toddlers entertained with a fun craft!

These would work great as a part of your homeschool lessons or just as a fun way to take a break from outside play! The best part about these crafts is that they are unique and even encourage a little bit of learning for your little ones! Here are 15 fun spring crafts for toddlers.

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Coffee Filter Butterfly by Red Ted Art

coffee filter butterflies

What better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than to get started on some butterfly inspired crafts? These are made using coffee filters, and are super easy to make too!

Thumbprint Dandelion by Glued to My Crafts Blog

thumbprint dandelion spring crafts for toddlers

With a free printable and some paints, you can recreate this super easy and fun craft idea with your little one!

Rain Sticks by Happy Hooligans

rain sticks

Recreate the sound of falling rain right at your home! These rain sticks will help you do just that, and can be a super cool activity to try with your little one!

Toilet Paper Roll Bee by Easy, Peasy & Fun!

paper roll bee

Easy to make and super adorable, this bee craft is a must try on a spring afternoon! All you need is a toilet paper roll, colored papers and some other craft essentials, and you’re sorted.

Paper Plate Flower by Resourceful Mama

paper plate flower  spring crafts for toddlers

Time to get your little one to strengthen his fine motor skills and practice his hands on the scissors? This paper plate craft is the perfect way to do it!

Counting Caterpillar by Easy, Peasy & Fun

counting caterpillar

Time to combine a craft activity with a counting practise! This cute caterpillar themed craft gets you to do just that!

Giant Paper Pinwheels by Kids Activities Blog

giant paper pinwheels spring crafts for toddlers

Perfect for the summer and spring, this pinwheel craft is not just fun when your little one’s all engrossed in making it, but also when he gets it out to play with it! Just get your hands on some bright and colorful printed papers and you’re done!

Paper Plate Umbrella by Crafts on Sea

paper plate umbrella spring crafts for toddlers

If you’re looking for the most simple one from our list of spring crafts for toddlers, this one’s it! Plus, you can also get out the paints and get your little one to paint the umbrella for some added fun!

Sponge Printed Sheep by Crafts on Sea

sponge printed sheep

Got that old makeup sponge you’re about to throw away? Don’t! Instead, put it to use for your little one with this super fun & interesting painting activity. This one’s a cute sheep themed, but you can also give it your twist and try different animals!

Cork-Stamped Flower by Happy Hooligans

cork stamped flower

Time to brighten up your kid’s room, tabletop or even the windows, especially when you’re all ready to say goodbye to the winter and welcome spring! Your little one will love how easy and fun it is!

Raindrop Suncatchers by Pre-K Pages

raindrop suncacthers

Sun catchers always make for such a beautiful display near the window, and these are raindrop themed! What’s more, your kid will love how he can actually get his old crayons back to life with this activity!

Watercolor Rainbow by Mess for Less

watercolor rainbow

And now its time for a colorful rainbow activity mommas! This one in particular, needs very few supplies, and is a great way for you to introduce your toddler to salt painting!

Giant Spring Flowers by Buggy and Buddy

collage flowers spring crafts for toddlers

Looking for a way to brighten up your kid’s room in time for spring, and somehow, get your little one to help in it all too? This super fun craft activity is a great way to do just that!

Flowery Tree by Fantastic Fun & Learning

flowery tree

This spring themed craft idea is super fun, and includes your little one having to crush and crumple bits of tissue paper to make flowers- something he’s bound to love doing!

Bow Tie Pasta Butterfly by Where Imagination Grows

bow tie pasta butterflies spring crafts for toddlers

This seemingly simple painting activity can turn out to be super duper useful! Once your little one is done creating these butterflies, you can turn them into hours of pretend play material- from pencil tops to puppets!

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