Grow in God’s Love Flower Craft

Teach your kids about God’s love with this simple and easy Grow in God’s Love Flower Craft. If you’re looking for a quick and no-fuss craft to do with your kids, this flower craft is for you. All the materials you need can be easily found and flowers are generally fun to make and personalize. 

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How to Make Grow in God’s Love Flower Craft

Have fun making this craft with your kids, let’s get started!


First color the template pieces. The hearts will be flowers, the ovals are leaves and the circle will be a sun. 

Next cut the template pieces out. 

Now, grab the green paper and cut a strip about 2” wide (just estimate). Take the yellow paper and cut a strip about 1” wide. 

Then use the scissors to cut little slits down the entire length of the paper to create a fringe effect. 

Glue the green strip to the bottom of the blue paper, putting glue only at the uncut section. Give the fringy pieces a 3D effect by bending them forwards. 

Glue the yellow strip to the back of the circle, bending it to go around, trim off any extra as you won’t use the whole strip. 

Now glue the sun to the blue paper. 

Love Flower Craft

Take the green paper again and cut 4 thin strips for the flower stems.

Love Flower Craft

Then glue the stems to the hearts. 

Glue the hearts, stems and leaves to the paper to spell the word LOVE. 

Love Flower Craft

Finally, glue the cloud to the top of the blue paper and the craft is complete.

That was fun, wasn’t it? We hope you enjoyed making this craft, if you’d like to try more paper crafts, here are some that you will definitely love: Caterpillar Paper Plate Craft or Paper Plate Hot Air Balloon.

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