20 Ocean Activities for Kids

From sensory bins and bottles to paper crafts & rock painting activities, we’ve handpicked some of the best ocean activities for kids you can find online, and have compiled them all here!
Give them a try with your little one and teach him all about ocean life, its creatures and everything else!

Coral Reef Playdough by Fantastic Fun and Learning

coral reef playdough

Coral reefs are fascinating, and what could be better than a playdough activity to introduce your little one to them? Plus, your kid can also have a fun time decorating it!

Ocean Playdough Mat by Simple Everyday Mom

ocean playdough mat

Time to put this super cute free printable to use mommas! With this ocean themed activity, you can let your little one engage in some open ended play!

Ocean Sensory Bags by Fantastic Fun & Learning

ocean sensory bags ocean activities for kids

Sensory bags are always so much fun, and these squishy ones are ocean themed and perfect for your little one to discover everything about them- the sand, the shells and coral reefs!

Ocean Discovery Bottle by Little Bins for Little Hands

ocean discovery bottle ocean activities for kids

Sensory bottles are so much fun to make, and this ocean themed one is bound to get your little one all ‘wow.’ Think of it as a beach in a bottle!

Ocean Sensory Bin By Parenting Chaos

ocean sensory bin ocean activities for kids

And of course, no list is complete without a sensory bin or two! This one makes use of sand and water, and is a great way for you to get your little one to discover all about oceans and ocean life.

Ocean Sorting Activity by A Dab of Glue Will Do

ocean sorting activity

This sensory bin activity also doubles up as a sorting exercise for your little one, and gets him to discover more about the elements that make up the world below water!

Ocean Letter Matching Activity by Fantastic Fun & Learning

ocean letter matching activity

It’s time to give your sensory bins a new twist mommas! This one doesn’t just stick to the ocean theme, but also helps your little one brush up on his letter recognition skills!

Ocean Ice Melt Activity by Must Have Mom

frozen ocean activity ocean activities for kids

Looking to keep your little one entertained on a hot day? This frozen ocean themed sensory bin is a great way to do that!

Ocean Pollution Activity by Must Have Mom

ocean pollution activity

And here’s taking your sensory bin up a notch! This ocean pollution activity can help your little one get aware about the real effects of pollution at an early age!

Ocean Layers Soap by STEAM-Powered Family

ocean layers soap

How about getting your little one to try his hands on a DIY soap? This one’s super cool and ocean layer themed, which ticks both the boxes!

Ocean Waves in a Bottle by Little Bins for Little Hands

ocean waves in a bottle ocean activities for kids

How about getting your kid to recreate ocean waves in a mason jar? Yes, that’s right! This fun activity isn’t just visually appealing, but a great way to get your kid engaged in a little playful learning!

Shark Floating Activity by Little Bins for Little Hands

shark floating activity ocean activities for kids

Time to introduce your kid to the concept of buoyancy moms! This shark floating activity is so much fun, and also helps your kid to the ocean world!

Ocean Zones Activity by Parenting Chaos

ocean zones activity

This one’s a combination of science and sensory play, and helps your little one discover a bit more about ocean life and creatures. Plus, you’ll need very few supplies to work this one out!

Under the Sea Soaps by Craft Create Cook

under the sea soaps ocean activities for kids

Make the simple task of washing hands a fun one for your kiddo! Whip up these fun soaps with him, and teach him about ocean creatures while you’re at it!

Seahorse Stained Glass by Easy, Peasy & Fun

faux stained glass

Sun catchers are the perfect way to get your little one interested, and this one that features a seahorse can turn out to be the perfect activity for your little one on a lazy afternoon!

Ocean Process Art Activity by Stay at Home Educator

ocean theme process art

Time to get your little one to imagine and recreate being on the beach with this ocean process art activity!

K-Cup Whale Craft by Craft Create Cook

cup whale craft ocean activities for kids

Got some extra paper cups lying around? Use them to create these little whales and teach your little one about ocean life, and at the same time, help him understand the importance of recycling!

Black Glue Jellyfish Art by Arty Crafty Kids

black glue jellyfish

Your little one may be great at using crayons and paints, but how about getting him to create a piece of art using black glue? Yes, that’s right! This activity helps him do just that and learn about jellyfishes too!

Paper Plate Crabs by Kids Craft Room

paper plate crabs

Paper plates? Check. Ocean theme? Check. Loads of fun? Double check. Time to get your little one to try these homemade crabs mommas!

Turtle Painted Rock Craft by Easy, Peasy & Fun

rock painted turtle ocean activities for kids

Painted rock projects are again, a hit among kids, and this one’s just that- with a cute turtle theme! Encourage your little one to give it a go with this one.

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