20 Fine Motor Activities for Kids

Puzzles and activities are so much more than just tools to keep your little one busy and occupied. Most of them even help your kid improve his senses, get a grip on things and boost cognitive development and function too.
From building strength in those small muscles to helping improve co-ordination, fine motor activities do a lot for your little one, and if you’re looking for some help there, we have you all covered!
Keep reading to discover 20 best of the best fine motor activities for kids- all bought to you by mommas from around the world!

Animal Lacing Cards by Preschool Inspirations

fine motor activities for kids

Is Brown Bear, Brown Bear on your toddler’s reading list? Why not try this fun activity inspired by just that!

Caterpillar Lacing Letters Activity by The Educator’s Spin on it

lacing letters motor activity

Does your little toddler love the book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’? This lacing letters activity is inspired by just that! Go give it a try!

Apple Paper Plate Lacing Craft by Our Kid Things

lacing activity

Time to put those extra paper plates to use mommas! Here’s yet another interesting lacing activity you might want your little one to try!

Shoe Lacing Cards by The Craft Train

fine motor activities for kids

And now’s the time for yet another lacing activity, but so apt and useful too! This shoelace activity will also help your toddler understand the basics of how to tie his shoe.

Ladybug Paper Plate Lacing Craft by Our Kid Things

ladybug lacing craft

Lacing crafts are great for hand-eye co-ordination, and this ladybug inspired craft is really easy and simple! Do give this a try with your kiddo!

Scoop and Pour Sensory Bin by Laughing Kids Learn

pour and scoop activity

From developing their muscle control to learning and experiencing different shapes, sizes, colors and textures, this scoop and pour activity is great and a definite must try!

Scoop and Pour Corn Kernels by Stay at Home Educator

fine motor activities for kids

It can’t get any easier than this! This simple pour and scoop activity is one of the best fine motor activities for kids.

Watermelon Sensory Bin by Fantastic Fun & Learning

watermelon sensory bin

Soft, squishy & super colorful- these little beads can turn out to be an excellent sensory activity for your kid!

Frozen Water Bead Activity by Parenting Chaos

frozen water beads activity

And what could be better than re-using those water beads from the last activity you tried, and whipping it up into this- a superb fine motor activity for kids?

Heart Fine Motor Activity by Fun With Mama

heart fine motor activity

Aimed at improving your little one’s grasping ability, this fine motor activity is super cool and a must try for all moms!

Mini Lego Robots by Little Bins for Little Hands

mini lego robots

With endless possibilities, LEGO bricks are a definite superstar for activities and puzzles for kids, and this activity is super unique and also helps build your little one’s fine motor skills.

Sticker Activity by Laughing Kids Learn

sticker activity for kids

How about putting your little one’s love for stickers to some good use this time? This sticker activity will help build his fine motor skills!

Snail Sticker Craft by Messy Little Monster

snail sticker craft

With a free printable, this snail sticker activity is another superb one to try with your toddler!

Hole Punch Art Craft by Laughing Kids Learn

hole punch activity

Got a hole punch at home? Put it to use with this super easy fine motor activity for kids!

Pom Pom Squeeze Water Play by Fantastic Fun & Learning

pom pom squeeze water play

A quick boredom buster and an excellent fine motor practice, you definitely must give this easy activity a try!

Scissor Skills Practice by Preschool Inspirations

scissors skills practise

While you might need to be present for this activity unlike the others on this list, this one’s a crucial supervised activity your kids needs to try!

Q-Tip Painting Mix Activity by Parenting Chaos

q tip painting fine motor activity

This simple Q tip painting activity helps fine tune your kid’s fine motor skills and gets him to explore color theory too!

Ping Pong Ball Activity by Fun Learning for Kids

ping pong ball activity

Right before you hand over that pair of scissors to your little one, give him a shot at this ping pong ball activity!

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