20 Farming Activities for Kids

Time to get your little one to discover everything about farm life and farm animals!
From counting activities to popsicle crafts, we’ve got you 20 farming activities for kids to do just that and more!

Edible Mud Slime by The Tip Toe Fairy

edible mud slime

This one’s on top of our list of farming activities for kids and for a good reason. Not only is it super easy to make, but edible too, and lots fun to try with your little one!

Chick Playdough by Fantastic Fun & Learning

chick playdough

This quick farming themed activity requires just a handful of supplies to work with, and is an excellent example of playful learning that you can get your little one to try!

Farm Shape Playdough Mats by Look! We’re Learning

playdough mats farming activities for kids

Got some extra playdough? Put it to use with this super simple yet interesting farm themed activity!

Farm Animal Counting Cards by Preschool Inspirations

farm animal counting

Counting activities are another excellent way to keep your little one busy, and these free farm themed printables just take the fun factor up a notch!

Farm Number Book by A Dab of Glue Will Do

farm number book

Time for another counting activity mommas! This farm themed activity needs you to just grab some foam stickers on your next trip to the craft store, and whip this up!

Farm Decorated Eggs by Red Ted Alert

farm decorated eggs farming activities for kids

Egg decorating is another superb craft idea for preschoolers and toddlers, and this one is such a cute farm themed version!

Interactive Farm Book by Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station

farm book

Interactive books are a fun way for your kid to learn and gives him that perfect ‘hands on’ learning experience. Give themed farm themed interactive book a try!

Farm Letter Matching Cards by Schooling a Monkey

matching cards

And now’s the time for another free printable that teaches your little one about letters, words and everything farm themed!

Farm Animal Puppets by Fun Handprint Art

footprint animal puppet

Get your hands on some construction paper, popsicle sticks and googly eyes, and recreate these farm animal footprint puppets with your little one!

Farm Themed Old Maid Card Game by Stay at Home Educator

old maid card game farming activities for kids

With easy to follow rules and a farm theme, this old maid game is going to be a hit with your little one! Best of all, the printables are free and ready to download!

Farm Counting Game by The Educators’ Spin on it

farm counting game

This farm themed counting activity is so much more than just a regular counting activity! It helps strengthen your kid’s fine motor skills and boosts early literacy skills too!

Farm Building Activity by Mother’s Niche

farm building activity

From strengthening your kid’s direction vocabulary to keeping him happy and engaged for some time, there’s so much this adorable farm themed activity can do!

Paper Plate Pig by Red Ted Art

paper plate pig

Three Little Pigs Story Stones by Views from a Step Stool

three little pigs stone farming activities for kids

Painted rocks can be a fun kid centered activity if you do it the right way, and this one, that’s three-little-pig themed, can also be a great learning and story comprehension tool!

Cow Corner Bookmark by Easy Peasy and Fun

cow corner bookmark

Encourage your little one to develop a little more interest in reading with some fun bookmarks! This cow themed corner bookmark is super easy to make, and loads of fun too!

Paper Chicken Craft by The Craft Train

geometric chicken farming activities for kids

Reintroduce your toddler to geometric shapes, and help him rediscover his creativity with this craft idea that gets him to construct a chicken out of different geometric shapes!

Handprint Chicken by Easy, Peasy & Fun

handprint chicken

Handprint crafts and finger painting are always a hit among toddlers, and here’s using that to your advantage! This craft idea needs your little one to trace the outline of his hand, and use it to make a chicken craft!

Duck Puppet Activity by Rainy Day Mum

duck puppet activity farming activities for kids

These little popsicle crafts can work wonderfully as props for when you’re reading out nursery rhymes and stories to your kid, and is super simple too!

Popsicle Stick Tractor Craft by A Simple Everyday Mom

popsicle tractor craft

Time to put those popsicles to some good use mommas! This fun craft idea gets you and your little one to do just that and create a tractor using leftover popsicle sticks!

DIY Pogo Horse by Red Ted Art

diy pogo horse

And finally, last on our list of farming activities for kids, this stick horse is your sock bunny taken up a notch! Get your little one to do this with you one afternoon for a fun filled time!

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