20 Sorting Activities for Kids

Sorting activities are valuable in so many ways! They are an excellent way to improve a child’s fine motor skills, vocabulary and even critical thinking abilities, and if you’ve got a little toddler who needs all of that, I am sure you have been on the prowl for some easy, kids crafts activities that hit all the above and helps children learn. Why not make your life easier? Here is a little bit of help.

Read on, because we have 20 super quick, low prep, easy craft ideas, and sorting activities for kids to get started with!

Coin Sorting Activity by Fantastic Fun & Learning

coin sorting activity

This one’s a great sorting activity that also teaches your little one about the importance of money and its symbolic nature! The best part is, it is a great way to get both your little kids and big kids involved. How? For the little kids, have them organize by coins. For the older children , you can have them not only organize, but they can do the math on the different coins!

Jingle Bell Drop by Stay at Home Educator

jingle bell drop

This color sorting and fine motor activity is perfect for the Christmassy season! Plus, it hardly takes any time to set up! Don’t have glass bottles? No problem! Use plastic bottles–easy peasy! Plus, these make great musical instruments! (Sorry parents).

Button Attribute Sorting by Stay at Home Educator

From sorting by color to sorting by shape- this super easy and affordable sorting activity for young children is definitely worth a try! What’s more, it also teaches your little one about similarities and differences! Not only that, but this activity is a wonderful way to teach students about the different colours!

Matching Pom Poms by Stay at Home Educator

sorting activities for kids

One of the best sorting activities for kids, this one literally takes 10 minutes to set up, is super fun and teaches your little one so much! Added bonus–it is so easy to find these colorful cotton balls and craft stores!

Seed Sorting Tray by Fantastic Fun & Learning

seed sorting activity

If you’re looking to make your kid’s pincer grip even better this activity will help you do it! This is a fine motor activity that is a fun way for children to practice their pincer grip and not even know they are doing it. Plus, it uses basic supplies that are typically available at home!

Water Bead Sorting Activity by Preschool Inspirations

water bead sorting activity

This activity is yet another excellent choice and works best with your children’s little fingers— Plus, it doesn’t just help your little one’s fine tune his motor skills, but it is also. perfect way to have a sensory play activity!

Paper Clip Sorting by Fun With Mama

paper clip sorting activity

With just a bunch of colored papers and some paper clips, you can recreate this super easy sorting activity right in your home! It is a fun time for all and a perfect activity for your child’s little hands.

Fall Leaf Sorting by The Educators’ Spin on it

fall sensory sorting

We all want some fun fall crafts– well here you go! Whether you have access to fall leaves or have just a bunch of fake ones lying around, you can give this much fun fall sensory activity a go! Afterwards, you can make this into a great craft by painting them with acrylic paint and putting them on construction paper–it really gets your children’s creative juices going.

Pencil Pair Sorting by Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station

sorting activities for kids

This rather simple paper crafts sorting activity is much more than it looks like- it also helps your little one identify different things, and builds his vocabulary too! We love fun ideas that teaches children!

Ice Cream Shape Sorting by Look! We’re Learning

ice cream shape sorting

Take this classic summer treat even more fun for your little one! Try this ice-cream shape sorting activity on a lazy summer day! On top of that, it teaches the children about different patterns which is a nice plus. Afterwards, you can even celebrate with a little ice cream.

Egg Carton Color Sorting Activity by Laughing Kids Learn

sorting activities for kids

This sorting activity literally takes just minutes to recreate at home, and is a fun filled activity for your kid! Plus, Toddlers love playing with cotton balls! Your child will not even realize they are learning while doing this activity.

Color Sorting Busy Bag by Mother’s Niche

color sorting activity

All you need for this super simple activity is some small beads, animals or toys in different colors, colored bowls and that’s it! Added benefit- you can have your child tell you the different types of animals!

Bead and Button Color Sorting by Mother’s Niche

sorting activities for kids

With just a bunch of supplies that you already have at home and a little time, you can give this activity a try! Have your Toddler sort through the buttons and beads to help them sort by color and help with their fine motor skills.

Insect Sorting Activity by Fun With Mama

insect sorting activity

This activity takes literally 2 minutes to print and set up, and is insect themed which makes it perfect for your little one who needs to learn about bugs and creepy crawlies!

Shapes Sensory Bin by Fun With Mama

sensory bin

Introduce your toddler to shapes, sizes and colors through this super simple sensory bin activity! This is one of the best ideas for kids sensory experience and learn some problem solving skills.

Food Sorting Activity by Fun with Mama

food sorting activity

Heading out for a picnic with your little one and looking for creative ways to make the most of it! This food sorting activity is a great idea to do it right!

Vegetable Syllable Sorting by Fantastic Fun and Learning

sorting activities for kids

This activity helps your little one discover a lot of new vegetables, sort them and have fun while he’s at it! Do give it a try! It hardly takes any time to set up!

Initial Sound Object Sorting by Stay at Home Educator

sound object sorting

Kids tend to respond really well to tactile learning, and this activity is great for just that! Unlike the others on this list, it is actually a phonic activity! Go ahead and give it a try! It is alot of fun for not only toddlers but the whole family.

Envelope Color Sorting by Laughing Kids Learn

sorting activities for kids

With just a handful of colored paper, some plain and empty envelopes and a few minutes, you can experiment with this engaging sorting activity! Teach your Toddler sorting, colors, shapes, sizes, and anything else you want to add!

So, did you have a favorite? Have you tried any of these before? Take your pick from among the 20 Toddler crafts we’ve listed above, and we’re sure you and your little one will love it! Not only will they help with fine motor skills, sorting, and critical thinking but, it gives your child’s creativity a chance to shine through!

Did you find this helpful? Do not forget to share this with other mommas and comment about your experience below!Take your pick from among the 20 we’ve listed above, and we’re sure you and your little one will love it! Also, don’t forget to share this with other mommas and comment about your experience below

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