Bath Time for Kids: 8 ways to make bath time more fun

I was reading a Facebook post the other day about ways to get through bath time for kids. I was so sad reading it! Bath time should be a fun time that your children get to explore without worry. It is a great way to wind down the end of the day. It is an excellent way to get playtime in at the end of the day. However, I realize that some people worry about bath time for kids because their children struggle with it. Maybe it is hard after a long day, or maybe it is just the time of night.

Whether or not your little one struggles with bath time, the same old routine can become boring. Yes, they have what probably seems like a trillion bath toys but, just like their normal toys, they can get bored of them. I am happy to report that being bored with bath time has an easy fix. Listed below are 8 ways to make bath time for kids more fun.

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New Toys

This one seems pretty obvious, right?

It may be but, if I am 100% honest, it took a while to register with me. Caught in the jumble of daily life, I didn’t think twice as to why my child was no longer wanting to play with her bath toys but was still complaining that bath time was boring.

It is not necessarily about a new thing, but a new activity. Bringing fresh ideas into bath time for kids can make it more fun for the child, and keep you sane.

Pool Toys

A lot of people will go out hunting down specific toys for bath time with kids, but pool toys actually can make pretty awesome bath toys, and would help with the idea of “new toys”. Here are just a few ideas of pool toys to make fun games for the bathtub, and thus making bath time for kids more fun:

  • They make floating puzzles that are a real big hit at our house. Who needs a huge pool for it when you can do it in a bathtub?
  • Diving rings. While the tub isn’t deep enough to dive for them of course, they can be great for ‘fishing’ for toddlers. A plastic stick can be used to try to fish them off the bottom.

My favorite time to check out what new ones I can find is the end of summer clearance. May times once it hits September or October (depending on where you live), there will be many clearance sales in the big box stores.

Fizzy Colors

Fizzy bath color tablets can be fun too. I was surprised by how much fun my kids had with them! My kids love watching them fizz in the water while they dissolve. The color change is fun to watch too.

We also used these tablets to work on color mixing. I love any opportunities to teach basic concepts. By having your child select two tablets, they will get to see what happens when those colors mix together. It was a good way to teach basic color concepts while having fun games for the bathtub.

I prefer these tablets over the bath crayons and markers because these won’t stain your tub. I have had several sets of crayons and markers stain my tub.

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are cheap so I am okay with a whole bunch of them being used during a bath. It is fun to put 4-5 sometimes more in the water and watch how the light spreads. My kids love having me turn the lights off while they are in the tub but a lot of children love the lights on as well for this. I never knew something so simple could be so much fun!


Blowing up a few balloons of different sizes can be a fun touch for bath time too. I use various colors and even sometimes use fun shaped balloons. If you don’t mind storing them for a short time, they can be used for a couple of baths.


This one usually works best for my kids when the cold winter months set in. After the first couple of weeks, the newness of winter has worn off and they are itching to get back outside and swim. That is why, every once in a while, I will have my kids put their swimsuits on and let them ‘swim’ in the tub. We even go as far as pulling out their goggles so they can open their eyes under water.


As a change of pace, I will sometimes put a wireless speaker or radio in the bathroom and turn on some fun music for my kids to listen to.


I bet your first thought was ‘ I think not!’. Just bear with me here.

When I let my kids do this I cover my bathroom floor in at least 2 layers of towels. Beach towels work nicely for this since they are much larger than your average towel. Next, once my child is in the tub, I close the clear curtain with the bottom inside the tub. Some water can still get out but, it does keep a decent amount of it in as well.

Children are told so often during the day what they can and cannot do. Every child loves to splash in the water, but they are most likely often told no. Giving your child the freedom to do all the splashing he or she wants can alleviate a lot of stress and tension, and hopefully wear them out for bedtime as well!

These are just a few of the ways we make bath time for kids more fun. I am sure that there are plenty more fun games for the bathtub that I have not mentioned but this is a good starting point if your kids seem to be bored with their normal bath time routine.

Comment below: How do YOU make bath time fun for kids?


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