7 Insane Laundry Tips for Parents

Let’s face it parents: we love what we do. Most of us absolutely love being a parent, with the great days as well as the tough days. Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs out there. That is probably a huge understatement! However, parenting is also a tough job. Being a parent is not for anyone with thin skin, that’s for sure! Most days, it is hard to balance everything that needs to be done each day. It is also hard to prioritize what needs to be done and still be there for your kids. It does not make it easier when you have a huge pile of clothes waiting to be washed. If you too are a parent that struggles to sort, wash, and dry all those clothes, this is a good place to start. If you feel that laundry seems to be taking way too much time for you, here are some laundry tips.

Keep reading to discover some of the best tips and tricks that help you do your laundry faster and in a much more organized way. 

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Laundry Tips for Parents

Get a Helping Hand

You may be super-parent, but it is hard to get anything done alone! I think almost all of us have at some point wished for more hands! It is hard to get everything accomplished when you have just two hands. Get your spouse or your kids (or both) to help you do the laundry- it’ll help you save out on a lot of time for sure. 

Having children help with the laundry can help create teachable moments. Children of all ages can join in on this. Okay, maybe not your babies, but anyone else! A toddler can start matching socks, then later learn how to roll socks together. You can even work on teaching them basic concepts like colors and numbers with laundry. Older children can learn how to use the machines, how to set timers and more. Teaching your kids to wash their own laundry is a huge step in independence. Teaching them how to fold it and put it away gives lifelong skills.

Sort by Room

Instead of sorting your laundry by color, sort them by room to save time. Keep the clothes in each bedroom separate and don’t mix them up. Have one room dried and then ready and sorted. Then, move on to the next room’s load. You can give everyone a laundry day to create consistency. This helps a child learn discipline and routine. This is a great way to get a helping hand as well because each person can put clothes away in their own room. You can build upon teaching your children how to do their own laundry by having them start and finish the project. By separating it by day, you know what to work on with each kid during that day. You can have activities planned for the other kids so you can focus your time and attention on teaching that child laundry basics.

A Load a Day

Spend a little time every day to work on one load. In the end, this is way better than if you let it accumulate and then get the whole pile washed in a single day. It will also keep you sane!

Wash Only What’s Dirty

Remind your kids that if they have worn something for 15 minutes, it doesn’t mean that the clothes are dirty and that they need to be tossed in the laundry basket. Make it a point to remind them (and yourself) that you wash only what actually needs to be washed. Sometimes, even jeans can go a day or two without being washed!

Have a Laundry Hamper for Each Room

Instead of having one single large hamper or basket that collects the dirty laundry from all the rooms and members of your household, have each bedroom one separate basket or hamper. This will make it easier for you to sort things, and not have one kid hunting his favorite tee from the huge pile of clothes that you just folded. Encourage your child by having them pick out fun or cute hampers that they will enjoy having in their room. My favorite is the basketball hampers to have on the back of doors to make it a fun game for your child! Who knew laundry tips for parents would involve basketball?

Separate by Types of Socks

It is easy to become confused between the socks of different members of your family. Buy socks of a particular type and pattern for each member. This way, it is easy to distinguish which one’s whose. In hindsight, this seems like a logical idea. However, if you are not doing this already you have no idea exactly how much time it will save you! We all know that socks have a tendency to just disappear in the washer or dryer. If you have a different type of sock for everyone in the family, not only will you be able to sort easier, but you will also know when you are running low and need to buy more socks!

Wash the Jeans Inside Out

Wash your jeans inside out. This is one of the best laundry hacks you could ever implement. It cleans your jeans just as thoroughly, if not more thoroughly. Also, by washing your jeans inside out, it actually prevents them from fading easily. This will save you from always washing jeans and always having to go out and buy new jeans. 

Invest in Drying Racks 

Get your hands on everything you need for your laundry room. For example, things to have that will be a huge help include drying racks, hangers and lingerie bags. This can help make it easier for you to handle the fine clothing items the proper way. Also, it will minimize your workload and the time you spend handling it all.

Comment below, what are the best laundry tips you can recommend as a parent? What is one of your favorite laundry tips from above?


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