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Meet Ehrica, the mom behind Milestone Mom!

Ehrica is a developmental expert! She noticed very quickly in her practice that parents just need some guidance when it comes to identifying if their child is meeting his/her milestones. Ehrica spends most of her days in families homes talking to parents that are curious about their child’s development. Some parents even at their wits end trying to deal with certain aspects of their child’s development while other parents have already found out that their child has a diagnosis which has completely changed their lives.  

Ehrica has a degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Special Education. She later went on to receive her credentials in Pediatric Developmental Therapy and has worked for the past decade in the Early Intervention Program. Ehrica has served as both a Pediatric Developmental Therapist and a Service Coordinator. 

The families that Ehrica works with daily are the reason that Child Development is her passion. Welcome to Milestone Mom!

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